A Journey to Happiness : 10 Tips for a BeHappy Life


Behavioural scientists have spent a significant amount of time researching what makes us behappy (and what does not). We know that happiness can predict health and longevity, and that happiness scales can be used to assess societal progress and the effectiveness of government policies. Happiness, on the other hand, is not something that occurs to you. Everyone has the ability to make tiny changes in our behaviour, surroundings, and relationships that can lead to a happy existence.

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Try our 10 tips to help you behappy, more in control, and able to cope better with life’s ups and downs.

Manage your stress levels


Find measures to lessen stress in your life, such as learning a few time-management techniques, if you have a lot of it. Make time for yourself make exercise a priority. These are all great developments. Taking control of your schedule in this manner might help to minimise stress and make your life happy. Breathing exercises can help if you are experiencing anxiety as well as stress.

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Spend more time pursuing your passion


Anyone would be happy if he or she spent more time doing something they truly enjoyed. Spend more time capturing images if you enjoy photography. If you enjoy writing poems, get up half an hour earlier each morning to practise. Make time to cook at least twice a week if you enjoy it. You may not believe that pursuing your passion is a worthwhile endeavour when there are so many more “practical” things to consider, but it will have an impact on your level of pleasure. for a beahappy life.

Take a peek at your calendar. See if there are any ways you can be more efficient to spend more time pursuing your passion, or if there are any not-so-fun activities you can easily eliminate out of your life to create time for the things you enjoy.

Add More Exercise to Your Routine


Exercise produces feel-good endorphins, which make you happier after a workout or even a quick trip to the store. I’ve never met somebody who was upset after working out! The University of Toronto conducted an excellent job, analysing no fewer than 25 research studies. The study concluded that physical activity can help keep depression at bay. I’m aware of only one study that randomly assigned three groups of depressed adults to a regimen of antidepressants, physical activity, or a combination of the two. It’s hardly unexpected that all three groups were happier than they were before, but did this happiness last? Six months later, the exercise-alone treatment group had an extremely low relapse rate of only 9%.

The other two groups, on the other hand, had relapse rates ranging from 38 to 31 percent, implying that nearly a third of them were depressed again.

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Dump Your Negative Thoughts


Some people have a difficult time overcoming negative ideas because they overwhelm them. A University of Madrid study discovered that writing down unpleasant thoughts on paper and then deleting it was efficient in removing them from the mind. They tell you to burn, tear up, or throw away the document! Physically removing them helps to mitigate their negative effects. Psychologists recommend doing this on a regular basis.

Spend More Time Outdoors


Living near green spaces and getting enough fresh air is linked to a happier mentality and is one of the methods to be joyful. Nature inspires curiosity and amazement, and sunlight creates vitamin D, which is vital in the fight against depression.

Make time to spend outside. You should spend time outside with your family and friends as well as alone to process thoughts and reconnect with yourself. Regular exposure to fresh air, green grass, and water sounds is a guaranteed way to learn how to be cheerful.

Listen To Upbeat Music


Music is one of the most potent methods to feel happy since it engages the brain’s reward system. Music can be used as medicine, to improve one’s mood, and as a strong form of self-expression. Put on your headphones and listen to an uplifting playlist. You can do this while working out, cooking dinner, or whenever you’re feeling down or like your world is spinning out of control.

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Disconnect From Social Media


Though it has many great applications, social media can be harmful and prevent you from understanding how to be happy, especially if you’ve recently gone through a break-up or divorce. Whether you are continually checking your ex’s status on Facebook or obsessing over photographs of everyone else who appears to be happier than you, avoiding social media when you are upset or seeking for ways to feel cheerful will help you boost your mood.

Make Sunday future-fun day


You should make arrangements for the following weekend as a fun activity every weekend. According to Morgenstern, “the anticipation fuels you through the workweek.” The strategy also prevents you from making uninspired, passive arrangements, like agreeing to the Saturday dinner invitation from that couple out of laziness or lack of other options.

PEP, or physical, escape, and people, is Morgenstern’s recipe for a happy weekend. In other words, a combination of mentally stimulating pursuits, relaxing hobbies, and socialising with motivational people. “It’s a good framework for putting together weekends that leave you happy,” she claims. not to mention weeks full of pleasant days.

Learn Something New


Learning extends beyond the classroom and the university. Whether or not we are aware of it, we are all continually learning new things. It shouldn’t be avoided because it is merely a fact of life. Learning anything new is always advantageous, and you never know when it might come in handy. Our brains experience a dopamine rush when we learn something new, which helps to encourage us to finish a task, usually in quest of some form of reward. The satisfaction of finishing itself could serve as the sole compensation. You gain more skills and information as a result, which not only makes you feel more successful but also may help you relate to others around you and improve your social skills.

Nothing establishes a friendship more effectively than a shared passion. You’ll innately develop greater self-worth, connect with those around you, and be motivated to accomplish more in life. Learn to play the guitar, enrol in a sketching class, or take on the task of learning a foreign language. Learn the art of tai chi, or just read one book per month. Take the time to learn how to accomplish something you’ve always wanted to. That tip also help us for a behappy life.

Practice kindness to live happily

Practice kindness

That tip also for a behappy life. We frequently neglect how we effect others because we are so preoccupied with increasing our own happiness. This is a grave error since, unlike what one might think, being nice is one of the finest ways to live a happy life. A more durable and lasting sort of enjoyment is fueled by acts of kindness. As a result, you spend more of your days happy when you develop this talent.


Enjoy your own company and leave in piece with your body and soul. 

Some Positive emotions feeling everyday can make our life happy.

God is true source of happiness and give us strength, Hope and wisdom to make our life happy.

Conclusion : Over thinking, Expectation, Negative thoughts, Bad habits, Wrong Diet, Social Media and many more things can ruin or life and happiness. So to behappy in life enjoy your life everyday with good habits, learning new things, keep exercise, listen good music, outings with friends and many more things with your love ones.

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