Bollywood sibling : Meet Disha Patani sister Khushboo Patani

Today we will meet Disha Patani sister Khushboo Patani.

Khushboo's Ptani is a former army officer.

Khushboo, who is Disha Patani's sister, served in the Army and retired as a Major. 

Khushboo's remarkable journey from serving in the Indian Army to embracing new endeavors alongside her sister. 

People are talking a lot about Khushboo Patani because she shared some pictures from her time in the military, and they spread widely online.

Discover the unbreakable bond between Disha and Khushboo Patani, two sisters supporting each other through life's journey.

Khushboo Patani has transitioned into a trainer and nutritionist, sharing loads of fitness inspiration on her Instagram

Khushboo's Instagram account is legit, and she's on track to reaching 500,000 followers and still gaining more.

Discover more about Khushboo Patani's journey by following the hashtag #KhushbooPatani.

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