WWE Releases 2023 :  Check The List

WWE released Mustafa Ali despite being booked for a North American Championship match against Dominik Mysterio at NXT No Mercy next week. The match will no longer take place.

Dabba-Kato is a talented athlete who has played both football and professional wrestling. He had a short stint in the NFL before joining WWE, where he was involved in several storylines. He was released from WWE in 2023, but he is a skilled athlete and there is a chance that he could return to the company in the future.

WWE also released Shelton Benjamin, one of their best in-ring performers. He hadn't been getting much TV time lately, despite being a former Intercontinental and United States Champion. Benjamin was also part of the popular Hurt Business faction, led by Bobby Lashley.

Yulisa Leon a skilled wrestler who was sidelined by a serious injury. She returned to the ring in 2023, but she has requested her release from WWE. It is unclear why she made this request, but it is possible that she was unhappy with her booking or that she has other opportunities in mind. 

Shanky, an Indian-origin wrestler, was one of the surprising names on the list of WWE releases, especially given that the company had recently made a trip to India and is popular there. Many fans expected WWE to give more opportunities to Indian superstars, but instead, the company released one of them.

WWE released Madcap Moss and his fiancée, Emma, despite both superstars not being on TV recently. Emma received a championship match against Ronda Rousey upon her return to TV, but Moss's character change in 2022 was not well-received.

WWE released Mace and Mansoor, two superstars who were regularly on TV in 2022. They didn't appear on TV much after LA Knight left their team. Knight is now a singles superstar on SmackDown.

Dana Brooke was a promising talent who was released from WWE without getting a fair chance to show her skills. She was mostly kept off TV and didn't get many opportunities, but she did have a stint as the 24/7 Champion.

Elias, a longtime WWE superstar, was released from the company despite not being on TV recently. He returned to TV in 2022 as Ezekiel, but his return was not successful. He then switched back to his Elias gimmick. During his time with WWE, he had segments with two of the company's biggest stars: John Cena and The Undertaker.

WWE released Dolph Ziggler, who had been with the company for nearly two decades. He was the most well-known wrestler to be released in the recent round of cuts. The Rock and John Cena, two of WWE's biggest stars, reacted to Ziggler's release. Ziggler had wanted to leave WWE earlier, but he stayed on.


WWE Releases 2023 : Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, Mustafa Ali, among other


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