Valentine's week Days

          7 february

Rose Day, when couples exchange flowers to symbolise their love, freshness, and delicious aroma, officially kicks off Valentine’s Week


Propose Day 2023 : The following day is proposal day, when you should express your feelings to your lover.

          9 FEBRUARY 

Chocolate Day 2023 :  Sharing chocolate with someone you care about can help to strengthen your bond.


Teddy Day 2023 : A teddy bear, which you can snuggle and tuck into bed with, is the best bedtime companion. It symbolises your partner’s love and concern for you.

          11 FEBRUARY 

Promise Day 2023 : Promises necessitate commitments. As a result, you must give your loved one everything they desire.

          12 FEBRUARY 

Hug Das 2023 :  Giving your lover a warm, tight, and affectionate embrace is the best way to show them how much you care and love them.

          13 FEBRUARY 

Kiss Day 2023 : The goal of National Kissing Day is to strengthen your relationship.


Valentine’s Day 2023 Love in Air. The Valentine’s Day 2023 is coming.

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