RIP  Bray Wyatt WWE Champion

Born On 23 May 1987, Brooksville, Florida, United States 

Bray Wyatt was best known for his tenures in WWE from 2010 to 2021, and then again from 2022 until his death in 2023, 

Bray Wyatt’s father, Mike Rotunda is a former professional wrestler.

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Bray Wyatt WWE Champion salary was roughly $1 million, and as of 2023, his projected net worth was $2 million. 

Bray Wyatt have Children: Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, Mika Rotunda

Bray Wyatt died at the age of 36 after suffering a heart attack. 

People  will remember him for as a modest reminder of their childhood, rocking back and forth while holding a lantern. 

WBray Wyatt


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