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Rose Day 2023

ROSE DAY 2023 : Rose Day, when couples exchange flowers to symbolise their love, freshness, and delicious aroma, officially kicks off Valentine’s Week. The meanings associated with different rose colours differ. The red rose is the most well-known rose to represent passion and love. Furthermore, people prefer yellow roses, which represent friendliness, and white flowers, which convey the message “I’m the one for you.”

In particular, according to the Valentine Week 2023 Schedule, the beginning of Valentine’s Week begins with Rose Day on February 7, when rose flowers are exchanged to show your love’s freshness and delicious fragrance. A rose flower is actually given because it represents passion and love.

History of Rose Day

Little is known about the origins of Rose Day. We don’t know who came up with the idea to celebrate the day, but we do know why. Rose Day is a part of the Valentine’s Week festivities. The history of the red rose, on the other hand, is lengthy and fascinating.

The earliest records of rose cultivation date back nearly 5,000 years and indicate that the flower was first cultivated in the Far East. Rose cultivation started in China and quickly spread to Rome and Greece.

Roses were thought to be a luxurious plant and were distributed among the wealthy, who would then give them to artists to inspire them. Roses eventually found their way into traditional medicine. Roses went from being a symbol of hope, peace, and love to a symbol of war. Roses were used to represent England’s army in the 15th century.

Despite its bloody past, the rose is now celebrated as a flower of love and companionship. Even though the world is obsessed with automation, technology, and being online, days that celebrate romance will always hold a special place in everyone’s hearts.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Rose Day, you should try to make things as special and wonderful as possible for your loved ones — and a rose is the perfect way to express your deepest feelings. Roses truly are an international symbol of love. No matter where you are in the world, giving a rose to a loved one sends a message of love.

Happy Rose Day 2023: Colours & Significance

Couples will commemorate Rose Day 2023 by exchanging bright red roses. Roses are typically red because red represents love, beauty, and courage. You can, however, present your partner with a different colour rose based on their preference. You can also give roses to your friends on Rose Day 2023.
On Rose Day 2023, here’s a table that depicts the meaning of the colour of roses.




Love, beauty, purity


Friendship, joy, new beginnings


Silence, innocence, purity


Desire, sensuality


Appreciation, gratitude


. You are the special rose in my heart’s garden from which my body blooms. My Love, have a wonderful Rose Day in 2023.

. Roses are red, violets are blue; make me feel special, and I’ll glue you to me like glue. Wishing you a Happy Rose Day in 2023.

• The rose in the bouquet may wither after a few days, but my love for you will always grow unconditionally.

. I shall always think about you, wherever I may be in the world. I appreciate you being mine. Cheers to roses!

.  Although beauty and ugliness are two sides of the same coin, you are only mine just as you are in my eyes. Cheers to Rose Day.

. You are innocent like a lamb, spotless like Ganges water, and lovely like a rose. And you have my undying love. I appreciate you being mine. Cheers to Rose Day.

. God bless you and my love, you are the most priceless Kohinoor diamond in my life. Cheers to Rose Day.

. Your presence in my life is a really lovely experiment God is conducting. I ask God to keep us and you together forever. Cheers to Rose Day.

Red Rose

Giving roses to your loved ones on this special day is thought to be the first step in expressing your love. The story of Rose Day goes as follows: Eros, the Greek god, loved his wife Athena, the Greek goddess, and she loved roses, so Eros used to give her roses as a symbol of love.
A red rose symbolises your feelings for the other person. Because this colour of rose is defined as the epitome of love, today may be the best day for you to express your feelings and say “I love you” to your loved ones.

Pink Rose

Pink roses are used as a symbol of appreciation and admiration for someone’s efforts. The soft pink colour represents grace and elegance, but this rose could also be used to express happiness.

Yellow Rose

The rose’s yellow colour is mostly shared among friends. This colour represents happiness in someone’s life. This yellow rose could be used to make new friends or to thank old friends for their contributions to your life.

White Rose

The white rose represents purity, peace, and unity among all people. The rose can be given to new lovers, friends, or family members. This could be used to mark the start of a new love story.

Number of Roses

According to legend, the number of roses also has significance. Here’s how to choose the right number of roses.

One Rose

This is a symbol of gratitude or a way to thank someone for their efforts

Two Roses

When two roses are combined, they can be used to make a marriage proposal to someone. It is also said that using red and white roses conveys peace.

Six Roses

These roses represent the desire to be cherished and loved.
Eleven Roses: To express to someone that you are truly and deeply in love with them.

Thirteen Roses

It is said that this group of roses represents a secret admirer.


Every year on February 7, Rose Day kicks off the Valentine’s Week celebrations.

Give a yellow rose to someone to represent friendship, joy, and caring.

To express their feelings for each other, Victorians used to exchange and gift roses as a token of love.

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