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There is lots of excited thing in our solar system. Number of planets are there. Today we talk about Red planet and its historical things.  So lets continue. We hope you enjoy this.

Why is the Red Planet Day Celebrated? 

Red Planet Day 2022 is being celebrated moment, November 28, 2022. On November 28, 1964 , the launch of Mariner 4 spacecrafts on the Planet Mars. The spacecraft landed in 1964 and soon after a time, on July 14, 1965 it departed from the red earth.
After being on the earth for nearly a time, the spacecraft eventually took off the red earth on July 14, 1965, after traveling there for nearly eight months. The aircraft was transferred to the earth to grease planetary disquisition and near scientific examinations of Mars. Mars is no longer alive. The earth failed some four billion times agone , when its core desisted all exertion, its glamorous field faded, and its bus sphere was eroded.
Mars has two moons named Phobos and Deimos and there are no rings around it unlike other globes.


red planet day 2022

Mars is considered the alternate most inhabitable earth in the solar system, after Earth. Mars has colorful gassy layers like water vapor, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and other noble feasts which is set up in small amounts.
Galileo Galile was one of the first person to view Mars through a telescope.
Red Planet Day 2022 is observed extensively across to commemorate the 1964 NASA launch of Mariner.

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