Poodle Cat : The Fluffy Furballs That Will Melt Your Heart

poodle cat

Poodle cats are some of the cutest creatures to ever grace the planet. In fact, they are so adorable that we find it difficult to accept that they are genuine. They are a somewhat uncommon breed that is becoming increasingly popular across the country.

What Is a Poodle Cat? What Breed Is a Poodle Cat?

The name “Poodle cat” is used to describe cats having wavy or curly fur. The Selkirk Rex is the most prevalent of at least three distinct breeds with curly fur. The Devon Rex and Cornish Rex are the other two less well-known breeds.

Although these three cat breeds are distinct from one another and stand alone, they are linked by a unique and uncommon genetic abnormality known as the “rex gene.”

In animals including cats, rabbits, horses, and dogs, the rex gene mutation affects hair or fur roots and cross-sections, resulting in softer and curlier hair.

The three cats identified as Poodle have distinct genetic mutations, making them a distinct breed in their own right.

The Selkirk Rex breed of cat is the most recent addition to the rex cat family. Selkirk’s genetic rex mutation is dominant, unlike the Devon and Cornish Rex Poodle breeds, and has produced a whole distinct curl form.
While this is happening, Devon and Cornish Rex are more linked. In actuality, both of them are English nationals.

They are more established and older breeds with three rex mutations in their genome. Although the crimps and tight curls are clearly noticeable, their mutations caused their fur to be shorter than that of their American cousin.

Why Are They Called Poodle Cats?

poodle cat

Poodles, a breed of curly-coated dog, are the source of the name for these felines.
Their fur is famous for being finely curled. They are well-liked by allergy sufferers because of the way their fur curls collect and hold shedding hairs.

This is suggestive that they frequently have fur that is tightly curled, which can even kink their eyebrows and whiskers. All poodle cats breed share curly fur as their only characteristic.

In addition, they could have very distinct personalities, health problems, and physical characteristics. To find out more about what to anticipate, try to identify the precise breed of your poodle cat.

Poodle Cats as Roommates

They are safe and tolerant of children. The breed’s distinctive characteristic is their laid-back demeanor. These cats are so cool, according to cat experts, that they should stay indoors to prevent theft. While every cat can have a bad day, poodle cats aren’t typically portrayed as savages who terrorize their owners or visitors.

They easily adapt to the way of life of their family and the other animals living there. Have lots of toys, time, and attention available for your roomy since, like the most of cats, they like to stay busy and stimulated.

They often have strong immune systems and are in good health, making them less prone to illness and better equipped to combat diseases. Poodle cat live for 15 years on average.

That “sheep’s clothing” hides a cat with thick bones and a lot of muscle. Despite appearing like tangled cotton balls, they weigh between six and 16 pounds.

Poodle Cats Origin and History: Where Do They Come From?

poodle cat

Unexpectedly, the Poodle cat is not at all a designer breed. In actuality, the first-ever Selkirk Rex was a mistake!

The first known Selkirk Rex, Miss DePesto, is a cross between a feral Tortie and a White House cat. In 1987, Jeri Newman, a Persian cat breeder, found her in a shelter close to the Selkirk Mountains in Montana. Her unusually curly hair led to her adoption later on.

Seeing the cat’s potential, Newman attempted to breed her with one of his Persians and was successful. More kittens with curly coats were born, and he later registered them as a new breed.

Selkirk Rex cats were finally recognized as a new breed of curly cats by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1990, and the rest is history.
Similar to this, the Devon Rex, a distant relative from Devonshire, England, was produced by mating a short-hair cat with a stray Tom cat with peculiar kinks in its fur.

One kitten from their litter had a wild-looking coat as well. Then, Kirlee was given by its proprietors. The authorities came to the conclusion that it is a completely different breed from the Cornish Rex since it was later determined that its distinctive traits were brought about by a completely different gene.

The Cornish Rex, which originates from Cornwall, England, is last but certainly not least. The first feline with curly hair to be officially acknowledged by the government is the Cornish Rex.

The Cornish Rex was discovered through accidental copulation of a British Shorthair and a random cat, just as the first two felines explained. Our first Cornish, Kallibunker, had distinct long limbs and a curly coat, unlike its British Shorthair mother.

How Do You Groom a Poodle Cat?

Devon Rex Poodle cat

The fur of poodle cats is particularly distinctive from that of other cat breeds. Therefore, it requires cautious attention.

Additionally, it will depend on the specific breed of poodle you own.

Brushing your cat’s fur too frequently can cause the curls to disappear. But if you groom them too little, their fur might get ugly tangles and knots.

Longer-haired poodle cats will require more frequent grooming than those with short hair.

To remove knots, be sure to brush them very delicately because yanking on tangles can hurt your poodle cat.

Ask your veterinarian for additional guidance if needed, or take your cat to a specialized groomer.

Do Poodle Cats Have Health Problems?

It is also more likely to develop these two serious illnesses since it carries DNA from the Persian and British Shorthair breeds:

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) : In later life, Poodle cats who have Persian heritage may develop the genetic aberration known as polycystic kidney disease (PKD). The kidneys of cats that have this condition develop cysts on their own, which prevents the organs from aging properly and causing them to operate improperly.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) : Poodle cats are susceptible to developing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), the most frequent heart condition in senior cats. Their heart muscles thicken as a result of this illness, lowering their effectiveness and functionality. Breathing that is laborious or through the lips, along with pain or numbness in the back legs, are other warning indications.

They are generally seen to be healthy as long as they are well-housed and cared for with love and consistency.


The cost of a poodle cat might vary significantly depending on your location, the specific breed, and market demand. In general, you should prepare to spend more than $500. But you should prepare to pay considerably more for a cat that will be shown.

When fully grown, poodle cats normally weigh between 10 and 16 pounds, and they have a tendency to shed a lot, so be sure to keep a cat brush and cat shampoo on available. Additionally, you won’t want to skimp on cat litter because it can get trapped in their opulently curly hair.

Although low shedders, poodle cat breeds are not hypoallergenic. Consequently, some allergy sufferers might consider keeping them as pets. However, cats with this common hair type may experience conditions related to their fur, such as alopecia and skin conditions.


The playful and loving characteristics of cats with the hypoallergenic coat of poodles make poodle cats absolutely exceptional pets. A poodle cat is the ideal choice for you if you’re seeking for a pet that will bring you years of happiness.

Do your homework and choose a reliable breeder before selecting a poodle cat. Although they can be pricey, they are a good investment. They can live for 15 to 20 years if given the right care.

If you’re prepared to welcome a poodle cat into your home, be ready to show them a lot of affection. They are social beings who enjoy being around people. Your poodle cat will be a beloved member of your household for many years to come with a little tender loving care.

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