13 Best Magnetic Nail Polishes That Will Make Your Nails Look Amazing

Magnetic Nail Polish

If you enjoy the latest nail art trends, you’ve definitely heard of magnetic nail polishes and want to buy the best one you can. The most fascinating aspect of magnetic nail paint is that it makes it simple to apply different nail art patterns, shapes, and motifs to your nails.

But how do they function? When a magnet or a small magnetic disc is brought close to magnetic nail polish, several tiny metallic particles are released. A magnetic disc comprised of metals arranged in various patterns can be used to transfer the designs to your nails.

13 Magnetic Nail Polishes

The top 13 magnetic nail paints that can make your nails the talk of the party are listed below. Continue to scroll!

Beetles Gel Nail Polish - 6 Colors - Cat Eyes Gel Polish Romantic Galaxy

Beetles Gel Nail Polish 6 Colors

Our first suggestion is this collection of six Beetles holographic glitter cat eye gel paints. Since they are all made from non-toxic materials, your nail plates and cuticles won’t be harmed by using any of them. They are also quite pigmented, giving you the glossy, sleek nails of your desires. They provide full coverage, a magnetic wand, and are UV-curable in just 60 seconds, which is what we enjoyed about them the most.

Modelones Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Set of 6 - A2 Cosmo Party

Magnetic Nail Polish

The next item on our list is a flawless collection of Modelones’ magnetic cat eye varnishes. Because all six nail polishes are loaded with intensely saturated and brilliant pigments, they have collected more than 11,000 ratings on Amazon. Second, the kit includes a magnet in addition to a 150° wide, simple glide-on brush for effortless application. In addition, the results are better the closer you hold the magnet to your nails.

AILLSA Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish - Rainbow Cat Eye

Magnetic Nail Polish

AILLSA hand-selected from the trendy gel nails shades ranging from dark brown to light brown, pink to red, spring-friendly hues. The unique feature is that it produces a distinctive rainbow glitter effect, giving your nails a striking and alluring appearance. It comes with 7 bottles of base gel polish (5ml each), 1 bottle of cat eye gel polish, and 1 magnet stick.

UR SUGAR Glitter Gel Nail Polish Set - Milky Mystery

Magnetic Nail Polish

UR Sugar’s Glitter gel nail polish set of 6 is a fantastic alternative to think about if you want to make some astronomical designs on your nails. You may create flawless magnetic polish designs and artwork with the aid of the non-toxic chemicals, metallic powders, and glitter sequins used in the formulation of all the nail polishes. Additionally, they exhibit excellent toughness and are highly colored. The nicest thing is that it includes a magnetic stick so you can easily design the patterns and textures you want.

Mobray Gel Nail Polish Set - 3D- Cat Eye Series

Magnetic Nail Polish

This set from Mobray is what you need to immediately splurge on if you’re one of the people searching the internet for the best cat eye nail paint sets. It is a collection of 7 exquisite nail polish hues that can inject a little glitz into your regular outfits. The high-quality gel formula, non-toxic component list, and low odor of this set have each received over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon. The fact that this kit includes a free magnet stick and bond gel to help you raise your nail game is what makes it so outstanding.

Omainy Gel Nail Polish Set - 6MY-001

Magnetic Nail Polish

The Omany gel nail polish set is what you need to make some chic and unusual nail art designs while just lounging around the house. According to research conducted by our team, hundreds of nail art fans worldwide adore this set. This is due to the non-toxic composition and superior resins used in its construction. Second, it is a clear winner thanks to its remarkable tenacity and smooth consistency. Therefore, you should think about purchasing this magnetic nail color kit if you want to make some gorgeous cat eye effect nails.

Born Pretty Magnetic Gel Polish Set - Auroras Magnetic Gel

Magnetic Nail Polish

The six-color gel polish collection from Born Pretty is adored for its gorgeous pastel shades and frosty silver glitter finish. We also took a quick look at this finest magnetic gel polish’s qualities and discovered that it has a longer wear time than 21 days. All nail paints are also highly pigmented and manufactured with safe materials to protect your cuticles and nail plate. We assure you that with this set in your hands, you can simply make beautiful nail art at home without making a professional appointment.

Misscheering Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish - Multicolor

Magnetic Nail Polish

Sparkly silver nail polishes with a holographic look are now available in a variety of colors from cat eye gel paint manufacturers like Misscheering. This one is available in a rainbow tone and can be used as a standalone color or over your own foundation color. It is made from premium materials that safeguard your nail plate and don’t harm your nail bed. It also has a very low odor, is simple to apply, and is non-toxic. The best part is that it lasts for two whole weeks!

Allenbelle Magnet Gel Nail Polish

Magnetic Nail Polish

Six bottles of cat eye gel polishes in incredibly rich, saturated hues make up the Allenbelle collection. These gorgeous hues resemble jewels in appearance. You receive colors that resemble tiger eyes, including sapphire blue, garnet red, amethyst dark purple, dark turquoise, dark pink that resembles tourmaline, and a gold-brown hue. The fall/winter season and Christmas are also excellent times to use these striking hues. Your nails will have a particularly shiny and brilliant finish thanks to Allenbelle paint. Additionally, they provide complete coverage without any smudges or transparent areas in just two applications.

Without any black polish on top, all the polishes in this set perform brilliantly. There is no black polish present. But this kit also comes with a magnet tool stick.

MIZHSE Gel Nail Polish - Rainbow Cat Eye

Magnetic Nail Polish

You can step up the ante on your manicure game with Mizhse’s rainbow cat eye gel nail polish. The fact that this nail polish is manufactured with healthy components, such as natural resins, is what we enjoyed the most about it. The formula is non-toxic and does not have a strong aroma, additional characteristics. To add, this nail polish is suitable for both experienced and novice manicurists who want to achieve salon-quality nails at home.

SUPWEE Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish - 12 Pieces - 9D Cat Eye

Magnetic Nail Polish

Here is one of the greatest nail paint kits for effortlessly producing flawless cat eye, aurora, and milky way-effect nails. This kit contains a magnetic stick, one black nail polish, and a total of 11 magnetic nail polishes. This collection will provide you the freedom to make a range of nail art, patterns, and textures whether you are a novice or an expert manicurist. The fact that all of the nail paints are made using eco-friendly materials is what we enjoyed best.

Clara Colors Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Set of 12 - Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Set

Magnetic Nail Polish

You can get fail-proof holographic nails with the help of this cat eye gel nail paint set, which comes with everything you need. This collection was created by Clara Colors, one of the well-known cat eye nail polish manufacturers, with the demands and requirements of all nail-art-obsessed women in mind. The nail polishes in this collection are also free of hazardous ingredients and alcohol. Not only that, but they also have a unique formula that doesn’t harm your nails in any way.

GAOY Magnetic Gel Nail Polish - 1455

Magnetic Nail Polish

We found this one from Gaoy when looking for the best magnetic nail polish. First off, it has a jelly-like cat eye look that gives your fingertips a touch of glitter. This is undoubtedly something that is worth spending more money on for anyone who loves to keep their nail paint mellow rather than cosmic. It is not only incredibly inexpensive but also durable. Second, it emits less odor and is free of dangerous pollutants like parabens. We assure you that this magnetic nail paint is perfect for spicing up your manicure.

How Do You Apply Magnetic Polish?

1. Shake or roll the polish bottle. To make sure the metallic flecks haven’t all fallen to the bottom, you can also lean it upside down for a while.

2. Use a reliable, dark base. The majority of magnetic polishes are somewhat transparent and look best over dark colors.

3. Working with one nail at a time, apply a thicker coat of magnetic polish than usual and position the magnet at the desired angle so that it is as close to the polish as feasible.

3. Give it a good count of 30 before removing it to give the metals time to reorganize. If you’re using gel nail paint, wait to cure it before applying your magnet.

4. If additional coverage is required, repeat step four.

5. Wait. Before adding your top coat, the polish needs time to dry and set the design. (If you’re using gel top coats, in which case just fix that.)

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