10 Low Energy Dog Breeds That Will Love Lazy Days

Low Energy Dog Breeds

Are you looking for low energy dog breeds ? It’s not necessary to take your dog on endless walks or mountain hikes in order to exhaust them. When choosing a breed, it’s crucial to make sure the breed’s energy level fits your lifestyle.
A low-energy dog breed will suit you better if you like to spend your free time inside. There are many low-energy dogs, ranging in size from large to little. Spending time outside doesn’t appeal to them as much as a good snuggle or nap, if not more.
But don’t be deceived. Low energy dog breeds nevertheless need to be physically active and taken for walks. Every dog needs daily mental and physical stimulation to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling existence. Additionally, each dog is unique. High-energy breeds contain some “lazy” individuals, but your low-energy dog may lead an extremely active lifestyle.

Is it true that some dog breeds are "lazy"?

It’s important to first take the time to honestly assess whether getting a dog is actually the right decision for you, your family, and your lifestyle, especially if you think you would like a “lazier” dog because you are unsure you will have the time or desire to deal with high energy requirements. Is it fair to the dog if they are routinely left home alone for extended periods of time? A cat or other smaller pet can be a better option if you want a dog for company but are unable to take them for walks.
There is no assurance that the dog you adopt will want to spend the entire day lounging on the sofa, despite the fact that you may have heard that a specific breed is low energy. While some breeds require less energy than others, all dogs need to be loved and given attention.

All dogs require time set aside for their grooming, training, socializing, and general mental enrichment, even if their walks are shorter. It may be difficult to find a specific trait, such as lazy dogs that don’t shed or lazy dog breeds suitable for older citizens. Before taking any new dog home, keep an open mind and undertake much study.
People underestimate the obligations of dog ownership, which results in an excessive number of canines ending up in shelters. The ASPCA estimates that 3.1 million dogs enter shelters in the US annually. Avoid having your dog join these tragic statistics.

Top 10 Low Energy Dog Breeds

This list is not exhaustive and is not presented in any specific order. Although these breeds are renowned for having lower energy levels, keep in mind that every dog is unique.

Choosing one of these breeds does not ensure that you will have a dog who is satisfied to lounge around on the couch all day, that they are the greatest choice for a busy family household, or that they are fine being left alone.

Bolognese : Low Energy Dog Breeds

Low Energy Dog Breeds

Because they are companion animals, Bolognese dogs live and breathe being around people.They prefer to relax and unwind at home instead than engaging in other, more strenuous activities.

Although they don’t require much activity, Bolognese dogs aren’t completely idle. Small and relatively low-energy, they only require two brief walks totaling 20 minutes each per day.

Temperament : Easy-going, smart, playful

Height : 10-12 inches

Weight : 5.5-9 pounds

Life Expectancy : 12-14 years

Pekingese : Low Energy Dog Breeds

Low Energy Dog Breeds

The word “king” in the middle of the breed’s name alludes to its historical royal links. Pekingese were originally developed in China as imperial companions, and they are still proud of their illustrious past. They possess a lion’s mane of fur, which grows into a beard and frequently droops to the ground, giving them a magnificent appearance.

This small breed will consider your sofa to be their kingdom and probably won’t want to go on any more frequent walks than necessary. The Pekingese are best with older children or adults because they can live in a home with little children, but they probably won’t take much roughhousing.

Average Height : 6 to 9 inches

Average Weight : Up to 14 pounds

Description : The lap dog that’s fit for a king

Brussels Griffon : Low Energy Dog Breeds

Low Energy Dog Breeds

Despite having smaller than average frames, these people have enormous personalities. They want to be as close to you as they can. Due to their constant alertness, Brussels Griffons are not easily surprised. Because of their reputation for having an artistically sensitive temperament, roughhousing or yelling will make them uncomfortable.

They only require approximately 30 minutes of activity a day, which can include playing fetch within the house, once they’ve received some basic training to balance out their more excitable side.

Temperament : Loyal, alert, curious

Height : 7-10 inches

Weight : 8-10 pounds

Life Expectancy : 12-15 years

Bulldogs : Low Energy Dog Breeds

Low Energy Dog Breeds

Bulldogs tend to be trustworthy, predictable, and docile—unless another dog they are unfamiliar with approaches—after which they may become violent. But if it’s just the two of you, don’t be surprised if the 50-pound Bulldog tries to climb onto your lap.

Bulldogs are well-built, can squat, and are renowned for needing little exercise. Because they are a flat-faced, brachycephalic (short-headed) breed, you should be careful to keep them from overexerting themselves, especially in hot weather.

Temperament : Friendly, courageous, laid-back

Height : 14-15 inches

Weight : 50 pounds (male), 40 pounds (female)

Life Expectancy : 8-10 years

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Low Energy Dog Breeds

It is well known that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed is quite versatile. If their owners are less active, they are usually very pleased with one good daily walk and lots of cuddles, but they also enjoy going on longer excursions and adventures with their owners. Compared to their Cocker Spaniel ancestors, they are typically less excitable.

They often have a very loving and gentle disposition, making them popular choices for family pets. They are a dog that frequently enjoys receiving love and attention. They typically respond well to teaching and have a strong desire to please.

Temperament : Affectionate, gentle, graceful

Height : 12-13 inches

Weight : 13-19 pounds

Life Expectancy : 12-15 years

Dogue de Boreaux

Low Energy Dog Breeds

One of the most gentle giants is the Dogue de Boreaux, sometimes referred to as the French Mastiff. Although they have a great deal of devotion for their family members, they do need careful training and capable leadership.

However, this does not imply that French Mastiffs must be trained harshly. In order to help them form a sense of respect and trust with their owner, they need tough, regular training. One of the most affectionate, peaceful, and yes, lazy dog breeds are available, and owners who are up to the effort will appreciate them.

Temperament : Loyal, even-tempered, attentive

Height : 23-36 inches

Weight : 120-140 pounds

Life Expectancy : 5-8 years 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Low Energy Dog Breeds

The majestic large dog of the Swiss Alps is the Bernese Mountain Dog. They definitely prefer cooler weather if they have to be active. They are a peaceful, low-energy dog that loves to lean in for a nice fuss. They get along well with kids and active families. One of the best options for large, sluggish dogs.

Size : 23 to 27.5 inches tall (at shoulder, depending on sex), weighing 70 to 95 pounds (female) or 80-115 pounds (male)

Personality : Soppy, loving, and highly intelligent all-found family dog

Grooming needs : More than once a week

Activity : Need up to one hour of exercise per day

Trainability ease : Easy

Barking : Medium tendency

Bichon Frise : Low Energy Dog Breeds

Low Energy Dog Breeds

Due to its diminutive size and cuddly appearance, the Bichon Frise is one of the most favored kinds of lazy dogs. As puppies, Bichons are undoubtedly playful and active. However, as they become older, they become cuddly, gentle lap dogs.

In general, they get along well with children and other dogs, but older Bichons might become irritable if handled aggressively. They are quite simple to teach and do well in limited places. Before getting a Bichon, the only thing to remember is that they detest being left alone. Doggy daycare is essential if you spend a lot of time away from home working.

Temperament : Affectionate, playful, gentle

Height : 9-12 inches

Weight : 11-22 pounds

Life Expectancy : 12-15 years

Chihuahuas : Low Energy Dog Breeds

Low Energy Dog Breeds

These tiny dogs have bright minds and enormous personalities. Chihuahuas are among the least active dogs due to their small size, yet they still require play, company, and enrichment to be happy. They’ll be content to curl up on your lap and live the lazy dog life once their requirements are addressed.

Size : Five to eight inches tall (at the shoulder), weighing up to six pounds

Personality : Loving, alert, and adaptable

Grooming needs : Weekly

Activity : Needs up to 30 minutes a day of exercise

Trainability ease : Average

Barking : High tendency

Japanese Chin : Low Energy Dog Breeds

Low Energy Dog Breeds

The Japanese Chin is far too exquisite to be bouncing about the house and entertaining you with odd behaviors. Instead of someone’s active companion, they would rather be a pretty lapdog. They make a classy small dog for households with low levels of energy because they are peaceful and in charge. Although they occasionally show stubbornness and do have strong activity surges, they are generally simple to teach.

To keep healthy, they still require daily exercise. They’ll feel fulfilled after a few of quick strolls that total around 30 minutes of exercise.

Size : Eight to 11 inches tall (at shoulder), weighing seven to 11 pounds

Personality : Graceful cuddle bug

Grooming needs : More than once a week

Activity : Needs up to 30 minutes of exercise a day

Trainability ease : Average

Barking : Low tendency

Final Thoughts

Even if some dog breeds are renowned for having lower levels of energy than others, we must never forget that each dog is unique. Even low-energy dogs need daily walks, enrichment, companionship, and training.

Instead of choosing a purebred puppy, adopting an adult or senior dog from a shelter may allow you to locate a dog with less energy. Additionally, it implies that you will get to feel the nice sense of giving a dog a lifetime home. There are many mixed-breed dogs out there, and some of them will be less animated than others.


Even the most lethargic dog requires exercise because all animals need it. Every day, try to take a few 30-minute walks, ideally in the calm of the early morning and late evening. Brachycephalic breeds, like the bulldog and the pug, should spend less time outside during severe temperatures since their compressed noses have difficulty breathing in such conditions.

The household and living conditions you have will determine which breed of low-energy dog is best for you. For instance, some breeds prefer to live in apartments where they can unwind in the air conditioning, while others prefer to roam the countryside in peace. Compared to the stoic Pekingese, who prefers not to be bothered, breeds like the jovial Shih Tzu are more forgiving of young children.

Two low-energy dog breeds that are also regarded as hypoallergenic are the shih tzu and the Bolognese. Hypoallergenic dogs don’t shed, making it simpler to prevent the spread of the allergen in their dander, even though no dog is fully free of allergens.

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