The Beauty of Strength: 20 Female Athletes Who Celebrate Their Bodies

Female Athletes

Female athletes are among the world’s most beautiful and powerful people. They possess extraordinary power, endurance, and grace, and they use their bodies to accomplish incredible feats. Female athletes, however, have been compelled to adapt to false beauty standards for far too long. They have been told that in order to be successful, they must be slender, toned, and conventionally appealing.

This is a damaging message that has resulted in many female athletes developing eating problems and other body image concerns.

However, an increasing number of female athletes are opposing these damaging rules. They appreciate their bodies for what they can perform rather than how they appear. These athletes serve as role models for young women all throughout the world. They demonstrate that it is possible to be strong, gorgeous, and self-assured in your own skin.

20 Female Athletes Who Celebrate Their Bodies

Here are 20 female athletes who are celebrating their bodies:

1. Louise Hazel

Female Athletes

In an interview with WhoWhatWear, Louise Hazel discussed her nutrition. “I see a banana, a bottle of water, and a bowl of gluten-free muesli with almond milk.” I recently discovered that I am lactose intolerant thanks to a DNAFit test, and I would recommend it to everyone who is serious about their health and fitness. It will provide you with a framework for making informed decisions regarding your food and workout plan.”

2. Tia Blanco

Female Athletes

Tia Blanco told POPSugar about some of her favorite wellness items. She claims to own a juicer and uses it frequently. “I love going to the farmers’ market and loading up on a bunch of local produce that is in season and great for juicing,” she says. “I constantly juice celery, lemon, apples, and parsley.” I periodically take turmeric and ginger shots to liven things up.”

3. Carissa Moore

Female Athletes

In an interview with Balance The Grind, Carissa Moore revealed some of her favorite workouts. “I work out three times a week with my trainer, and we do a lot of circuit training.” I don’t use a lot of weights; it’s largely body weight. Every day, I train to ensure that I can get in the water and do what I love. Burpees, skaters, and mountain climbers are all things I enjoy. I work in intervals of 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off. My workout routine is constantly changing because I grow bored with the same workout. I go to Pilates once a week and usually go for two runs.”

4. Mirai Nagasu

Female Athletes

In an interview with, figure skater Mirai Nagasu discussed her preparation for competitions. She uttered the cheesiest phrase possible, “I just want to believe in myself, and, I know it’s the cheesiest thing to say, but believe in that 5-year-old girl who started this dream.” “I’m aware of my mental toughness. When I was 16 years old, I competed in the Olympics and finished in fourth place, defeating all of these competitors who were routinely defeating me. I’m confident I have it. All I have to do is take it out at the appropriate time.

5. Lindsey Jacobellis

Female Athletes

In an interview with Women Fitness, Lindsey Jacobellis talked candidly about the activities she enjoys performing when traveling. “Working out while traveling can be challenging due to the scarcity of gyms, but it is not impossible. 

1. Dumbbell walking lunges 

2. RDLs (Russian deadlifts) on one leg 

3. Leg lifts while hanging 

4. Classic or wide-legged back squats 

5. Bent over rows with one arm When using the hotel gym’s limited weights, one can perform these workouts.

6. Lindsey Vonn

Female Athletes

Lindsey Vonn tells Women’s Health that she wanted to break the stereotype while she was competing in skiing. “I was always just myself,” she explains. “You don’t have to be the conventional athlete to be strong, feminine, and assertive while wearing makeup. You have the option to be unique. There are no limits to the options available to you; you simply have to go find them.”

7. Carli Lloyd

Female Athletes

Carli Lloyd spoke candidly with about her eating habits. She claims that even though she practices healthy eating, she occasionally enjoys treats. I don’t usually consume fried, fatty foods or carbohydrates like spaghetti, pizza, or bread. I just don’t feel well around them. But I do like to go to my favorite pizza joint in Philadelphia!only occasionally, and then only in moderation.

8. Jordyn Wieber

Female Athletes

Jordyn Wieber, a gymnast, admitted to StyleCaster that she struggled with insecurity as a child.Wieber explains, “As I grew older, I recognized my body could perform fantastic things that not many other students at my school could achieve. “So I made an effort to accept that, and when I was selected for the Olympic team, I was like, “Woah! OK. Now I am aware of your constant location. Due to the fact that I was physically different from the other females in my school, I began to appreciate my muscles much more than I had previously.

9. Shawn Johnson

Female Athletes

Shawn Johnson worked out frequently with her husband Andrew East while she was carrying their first kid. We always assumed [when we were dating] that we would be the couple who works out together, but we really can’t work out together because he feels I’m too intense, she said in an interview with Us Weekly. Then I became pregnant, and now my intensity matches yours. Now that I’m pregnant, we exercise, which is funny. the gold medallist adds, Hey, those gymnasts are tough.

10. Nastia Liukin

Female Athletes

Nastia Liukin, an Olympic gymnast, provided Today with some of her wellness advice. The most crucial thing to remember, in my opinion, is that you’ll never look back on an exercise negatively. And it’s challenging to convince oneself that before you’ve taken the action. However, try to keep in mind how you feel after working out and keep in mind that when you feel good, you look good and have more confidence, so I believe that’s incredibly important.

11. Candace Parker

Female Athletes

Candace Parker, WNBA champion, spoke with about how she approaches basketball. “I think simplicity has always been difficult for me.” I believe physically because, as you know, I am versatile and have played multiple positions. I believe simplicity was always, you know, me dribbling and doing this and that. And now I’ve learnt that simplicity is crucial; performing things with the least amount of motion will substantially help me. So I believe the most important thing for me is that, yes, I can dribble and do that, but it’s more useful for me to be able to do it with less motion.”

12. Alex Morgan

Female Athletes

Alex Morgan looks after her thoughts in addition to her physical health. She told The Beet how she handles any anxiety. “‘Take a breath and enjoy the ride I’m embarking on now,’ I tell myself. I am living in the present and making an effort to remember to breathe since it is overwhelming to think about going somewhere in the future.

13. Julie Johnston Ertz

Female Athletes

Julie Johnston Ertz, a star for the US Women’s Soccer Team, spoke with Prevention about her fitness regimen. She claims, “I think core is incredibly crucial. “mostly because it is in the center of your body. Although crushing machines are excellent, I always work on the ground. I prefer to step out with my feet when I’m doing a plank. Even a little bit higher is what I enjoy.

14. Simone Biles

Female Athletes

Simone Biles is a champion for survivors in addition to being a fantastic athlete. On Today, she discussed her decision to testify against Larry Nassar. “I’m proud of myself,” I said, “and I’m happy that I can be a leader for the survivors and bring courage to everyone speaking up. I’m glad to speak up for them as a result. I had to put up a front and put up with everything for so many years.

15. Venus Williams

Female Athletes

Venus Williams spoke with The Beet about her desire to go on a plant-based diet. “When I was diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome in 2011, I had to make some significant lifestyle changes in order to prioritize my health.” After trying everything the doctor prescribed, I still had muscle and joint discomfort, as well as persistent weariness. But when I began experimenting with a plant-based diet to help reduce inflammation and support my immune system, I fell in love with how it made me feel, so I kept going.”

16. Serena Williams

Female Athletes

One of the best athletes of all time is Serena Williams. Her use of a range of exercises is one of her secrets for remaining in shape. She told Fitness Magazine that it was crucial for her to vary her routine. “I biked after running. Afterward, I did elliptical. I attempted yoga after that didn’t go so well because it was boring. Since I couldn’t train while I was ill, I started dancing. We began improvising moves, which was enjoyable. I now dance after 10 minutes of running.

17. Gabby Douglas

Female Athletes

According to Gabby Douglas, she engages in a range of activities to maintain her physical fitness. “I’m accustomed to doing the same thing every day, but now I get to vary it. For example, today we’ll do HIIT. We’ll practice trampoline today. We’ll perform a dancing workout today. Today, we’ll just get started, and it’s been wonderful even to use my imagination to come up with exercises that I enjoy doing because I think working out should be joyful. I enjoy working hard and working up a sweat, but you should also enjoy what you do.

18. April Ross

Female Athletes

Beach volleyball player April Ross, who won a bronze medal, spoke candidly with Today about her eating habits. She claims that there is one food item that she strictly avoids in her diet. “Sugar is very harmful to your health. Inflammation is brought on by soda since it contains sugar. Additionally, it’s unhealthy for your joints, which means that as an athlete, you’ll have more inflamed joints and be more vulnerable to injury.

19. Kerri Walsh-Jennings

Female Athletes

Olympic gold winner Kerri Walsh-Jennings spoke candidly to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit about her training regimen. “When we are at home, we regularly work double and triple days. I want to play volleyball well and be energized when I compete. Similar to a game in the mind. I’m going to experiment with something new, add a new workout, and see how I feel. You must possess the humility to maintain it and carry on, or modify if it becomes too much. It is crucial to pay attention to your body, and often the hardest effort is to relax, recoup, and fine-tune.

20. Misty May-Treanor

Female Athletes

Misty May-Treanor, a gold medal beach volleyball player, talked about some of her favorite workouts in an interview with Women Fitness. I adore squatting, explosive jump exercises, and Olympic lifting (cleans, jerks, and snatches). With a running coach, I also use hill and track sessions. Pilates aids me in maintaining a strong and healthy core because our activity requires it. Since I occasionally am not the tallest player on the field, I must have a powerful jump from the first game to the last game. Recovery, which consists of massages, cold baths, and stretching, is just as crucial to lifting as it is to other exercises.

These are only a few more examples of the numerous female athletes that are proud of their physiques. These women serve as inspiration for young girls everywhere by demonstrating that it is possible to be a strong, attractive person who is comfortable in your own flesh.


These female athletes are a perfect example of the beauty of strength. They are using their bodies to accomplish remarkable things while being strong, graceful, and confident. Young women all throughout the world look up to these athletes as role models. They are demonstrating to the world that it is possible to have strength, beauty, and self-assurance. They are also advocating for body positivity and decrying excessive aesthetic standards.

Young women are more likely to be able to recognize themselves in sports and the media if there are more female athletes who embrace their bodies. This will assist in dispelling the damaging misconceptions that have been connected to female athletes for an excessive amount of time. So let’s honor the elegance of power! Let’s honor the female athletes who are transforming the world with their physical prowess. And let’s toast the upcoming generation of female athletes who will continue to shatter stereotypes and motivate us all.

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