20 Best Dog Breeds for Kids : Finding the Perfect Furry Friend

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

It’s vital to seek for breeds that are often sociable, patient, and tolerant when deciding on the best dog breeds for kids. The following popular dog breeds are recognised for getting along well with kids:

Labrador Retriever

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Labradors are renowned for their lively, amiable personalities. They make excellent friends for children of all ages since they are incredibly adaptive and patient.

The most common breed in the US is the Labrador Retriever. And it makes sense! They are excellent at every activity you can think of, including hunting, show, dock diving, tracking, and obedience, in addition to blending into any family dynamic. The best large family dog is the English Labrador, a little bigger, thicker kind.

Height : 22.5-24.5 inches (male), 21.5-23.5 inches (female)

Weight :  65-80 pounds (male), 55-70 pounds (female)

Life Expectancy : 10-12 years

Golden Retriever

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Golden retrievers are calm, perceptive, and compassionate animals. They are well recognised for their gentleness and lively personalities, and they often get along well with kids and are another best dog breeds for kids.

Large dog brains are a trait associated with golden retrievers. And because of their sharp intelligence, they make wonderful family dogs, especially if you have older children. They can, however, get along with everyone because they are amiable and compassionate.
However, supporters of the Golden Retriever warn against “English Cream” variation dogs. Other characteristics of a dog’s health, demeanor, and personality frequently go unnoticed because this breed is selectively bred for color. They do not meet our definition of family-friendly as a result.

Height :  23-24 inches (male), 21.5-22.5 inches (female)

Weight :  65-75 pounds (male), 55-65 pounds (female)

Life Expectancy :  10-12 years


Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Small to medium-sized Beagles are often friendly and good-natured dogs. They can be fun and vivacious and are typically nice with kids. Families should consider the Beagle because of its small size (they are easily handled!) and placid nature.

Due to their strong frame and heritage as hunting dogs, beagles are never too tired to enjoy games. Since they enjoy nothing more than venturing outside and hiking the trails, this breed will fit in perfectly if your children enjoy the great outdoors. The Beagle is an intelligent, sociable, and joyful dog that typically gets along with other animals as well (apart from the occasional round of chasing). They do shed, so regular brushing and bathing are necessary.

Height :  13 inches & under, 13-15 inches

Weight :  under 20 pounds (13 inches & under), 20-30 pounds (13-15 inches)

Life Expectancy :  10-15 years 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a kind and gentle breed of dog.  Due to their amiable and laid-back personalities, they develop close relationships with their families and are typically good with kids and are best dog breeds for kids.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels get along nicely with people of all ages, especially youngsters. Because of their gentle disposition and love of stroking, they are an excellent choice for many families looking for a dog for their children. Some dogs may find it difficult to adjust, especially if your children yank on their fluffy ears or tails while playing. As a result, dog training and child education about dog handling are critical components of the preparatory process prior to introducing the dog to the family.


Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Boxers are lively, playful canines who frequently get along well with children. When engaging with youngsters, they can be kind and patient due to their protective instincts.

Boxers have youthful spirits and like playing. As a result, they are a popular choice for family dogs. And, because they appear to have an infinite supply of energy, they can keep up with your children’s games! Boxers are known as one of the greatest dogs for children because they are patient and protective. Boxers are often good with other pets as well. 

Make a boxer a member of your family, and you’ll never feel unsafe again. These lively, medium-sized dogs have calm personalities yet love to play, making them one of the finest dogs for youngsters with great energy. They are fiercely loyal and protective of people who love them. They require a lot of exercise, but be careful not to overwork them in hot weather.


Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Bulldogs are good with children because of their calm and gentle temperament. They are renowned for their affectionate disposition and capacity for environment adaptation.

The Bulldog is the breed to choose if you want a loving, patient pup who will act affectionately towards children. The Bulldog features a strong design that is ideal for children. He will not, however, win any accolades for “most energetic dog.” The Bulldog is a gentle, sociable, and loyal dog who gets along well with other pets and canines. The Bulldog is at home in both large houses and little dwellings. Most are also friendly to strangers and get along well with other dogs, making them ideal for a busy, social home.

Because of their compact size, they are suited for both large houses and tiny apartments. If you choose to get a Bulldog, bear in mind that the compressed shape of their jaw means they’ll need extra attention with tooth cleaning, and wheezing, snoring, and drooling are normal. To minimise dirt buildup, the folds around their tail and face wrinkles will need to be cleaned. Their coat, on the other hand, requires little attention.


Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Poodles come in three sizes—standard, miniature, and toy—and are generally intelligent and friendly dogs. They are often good with children and can be adaptable to different family dynamics.

Aside from their distinctive hairstyles, Poodles are also exceptionally intelligent and friendly dogs. This dog breed is proud and graceful, kind and devoted, and rarely gets annoyed or bored. Poodles are available in both miniature and normal sizes, allowing you to select the Poodle size that best suits your living situation. They are ideal for children with allergies because they shed relatively little. Each breed has its own set of advantages. 

The Standard Poodle, for example, is extremely obedient, intelligent, lively, and adventurous. Although they are often hesitant with strangers, they get along well with friends and children. 

Miniature Poodles, on the other hand, like to devote themselves to a single person, but they get along well with other pets and children. They are , responsive, intelligent, amusing and obedient.

However, regardless of the breed, Poodle coats still require regular care.


Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Vizslas are enthusiastic and active canines that enjoy human company. Due to their high levels of energy, they can make excellent playmates for kids and are typically nice with them.

Since they require frequent activity, this breed isn’t exactly well-known among the general public, but it’s one of the finest for families with older children who are active and lively. The Vizsla is friendly and loyal, with a lively nature and a mild demeanor. The breed is intelligent, self-assured, and obedient. Vizslas can pick up new tricks fast and develop strong ties with family members.
Their grooming requirements are fairly low maintenance because they have a short coat.


Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Collies are loyal and clever dogs, including the Rough Collie and Border Collie. They frequently get along well with kids and can build close relationships with them.

They are powerful, loyal, affectionate, responsive, and quick. Collies are usually best suited for households who enjoy being outside and can offer a dog plenty of exercise. Rough collies are recognised for their majestic, flowing coats, whilst smooth collies have shorter coats. Collies, whether rough or smooth, are excellent companions for children and large families. (However, rough collies require extra grooming.) This breed is extremely clever and enjoys engaging in activities with the children who adore them.


Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Large, gentle giants, Newfoundlands are renowned for their loving and tolerant disposition. They normally get along well with children and frequently stand up for their loved ones.

The Newfoundland is considered one of the most intellectual breeds in the world, and these canines also happen to love and protect youngsters. This breed is almost as kind, compassionate, and patient as Mother Teresa. This incredibly lovely dog will soon win over both younger and older family members.

The Newfoundland is best suited to a family with vast, open spaces, and while they are known to drool and shed profusely, they should not be left outside in the yard (neither should any dog). Their long coats will also necessitate frequent grooming and maintenance. The Newfoundland is also an excellent swimmer who has been known to save lives in life-threatening situations.

Irish Setter

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

With their flowing red hair, Irish Setters look magnificent and majestic. While they have excellent hunting reputations, they are also excellent family breeds. They enjoy running and are an excellent complement to active families. The Irish setter is an excellent companion for active families that have plenty of space. Their dual personality makes them an ideal family dog: a sweet-tempered companion for the adults and a lively playmate for the kids. 

This breed develops to be enormous, weighing 50 to 70 pounds, and has a lengthy lifespan, allowing them to grow up with your children. Irish setters are excellent family dogs, excellent companions, excellent with children, have energetic personalities, and are excellent pets for first-time owners. They also enjoy playing with toys and balls. They are not the fastest dog breeds, but if you want a decent running companion, Irish setters are a fantastic choice. Because the Irish Setter is high-energy and enjoys spending time outside, it is ideal for busy families.

Bull Terrier

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

The Bull Terrier was developed to be a companion dog, friendly and kind to adults and children alike, despite its unfair reputation as an aggressive animal. Keep in mind that your Bull Terrier may have a penchant for mischief, particularly when it comes to other small animals and dogs. Keep your pet mentally and physically busy every day to avoid complications. The short, flat coat of a Bull Terrier is easy to care for, and the breed thrives with easy access to a yard for play.


Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Daschunds live for adventure and are built to sprint along the ground, over obstacles, and under low furniture. They have three coat varieties available: smooth, long, and wire, allowing your family to choose what works best for your lifestyle. Dogs are as individual as people, and their personalities are heavily influenced by their upbringing. However, dogs have innate temperaments that can be found in any breed. The dachshund is no different.

The good news for dachshunds is that their innate personalities are a joy to be around. They have a wonderful combination of friendliness and lively energy. Some may describe them as lively or sassy, yet a taught dachshund will be gentle.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

A “Berner,” as they’re commonly known, is a cute furball who will put any robot vacuum to the test! While their double coat keeps them warm in cold weather, it also means they “blow coat” a few of times a year, which is when the fur truly flies. But it’s all worth it since these gentle giants are wonderful charmers who love to please. They want to be near the action but do not require much daily exertion. They like regular ambles around the yard with their favourite humans.

Basset Hound

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

A Basset Hound is an extremely affectionate dog breed. It’s a strong dog with a lot of stamina, so he can keep up with enthusiastic and busy kids. The Basset Hound is a friendly and outgoing breed. They enjoys being around people, especially children. The Basset Hound is a laid-back breed. They are particularly lively breed. A Basset Hound is patient and can tolerate a lot of noise and bustle. They devoted to his family and will watch out for your youngsters.

Bichon Frise

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Bichon Frise are highly energetic, so these small, white cuties are ideal for busy families with time to exercise them. The Bichon Frise may want extra time to run around, but once at home, they are usually quiet. According to Hartstein, they don’t bark much, don’t shed, and enjoy cuddling.

This little dog has a tremendous personality! Bichons are recognised for their upbeat demeanour and velvety hypoallergenic coat. They make adorable little watchdogs. A Bichon Frise is a fluffy ball that enjoys playing with everyone they meet. They also shed very little, making them an excellent choice for allergy-prone households!

Cocker Spaniel

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Cocker Spaniels are the smallest dogs in the American Kennel Club’s Sporting Group. They are also calm and sensitive to the emotions of those around them. And they have the patience to fetch as many tennis balls as your children want to throw. This adored species is known for its adoring and peaceful demeanor—exactly what you want in a gentle lap dog. 

Although frequent brushing is essential to keep their soft and silky locks looking nice, this could be an excellent supervised exercise for children to learn more about dog ownership and responsibility. 

Japanese Spitz

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

The Japanese Spitz is a little family friend with a large watchdog’s heart. This breed may resemble American Eskimo Dogs, white Pomeranians, or miniature Samoyeds, however Japanese Spitzes have their own lineages and originate in, where else, Japan. Although the American Kennel Club does not recognise this breed, it is accepted by many other kennel groups throughout the world. Japanese Spitz dogs are also smart, easy to train, low-maintenance, and excellent with youngsters. 

They make wonderful apartment dogs as long as pet owners meet their exercise needs, and despite their beautiful white coats, they require little grooming. Despite their diminutive stature, dogs of this breed are protective of their human family, and they are known to bark when strangers invade their domain without backing down. The Japanese Spitz may be the dog for you if you want a dog who will be a committed family member with a character and personality that much outweigh their physical stature.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute Breeds for Kids

Another best dog breeds for kids. If you’re seeking for a ride-or-die friend, the Alaskan Malamute might be the dog for you. These dogs exist solely to serve their pack. To live up to their sled dog heritage, they require continuous training and exercise, but the extra effort is well worth the Malamute’s devoted and kind-hearted attitude.

The Alaskan Malamute is a solidly built Nordic breed dog that was bred to transport big weights rather than race. This breed is somewhat longer than tall, big boned, and compact, and is built for strength and endurance. The Malamute’s gait is steady, balanced, and relentless. The coat is thick and double, with a coarse outer coat and a dense, woolly, greasy underneath, offering the ultimate in insulation. The eyes have a “wolf-like” aspect, but the expression is soft.

Height :  29-32 Inches

Weight :  32-43 Kg

Life Span : 13 to 14 years

Pug : Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

The Pug is a low-maintenance breed that can be content without a lot of exercise or room. This breed’s raucous noises and snoring will amuse your children. Kids will adore a pug’s hilariously smushed face! They are excellent family pets because they are mischievous and even-tempered. They thrive both inside (where they’ll happily spend the most of the day curled up next to you on the couch) and outside (so long as the weather isn’t too hot, humid, or sunny).

Pugs are a well-liked breed among kids who prefer gentle play to roughhousing because of their adorable looks and tendency to cuddle up. They are excellent family pets and are intelligent and calm.

Height : 10-13 inches

Weight : 14-18 pounds

Life Expectancy : 13-15 years

CONCLUSION :  Although these breeds are frequently thought to be helpful with kids, individual dogs might have different temperaments and dispositions. Regardless of the breed, it’s crucial to spend time with the particular dog to determine whether or not your family and children will get along with them. For any dog to engage with youngsters, proper training, socialisation, and monitoring are necessary.

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