Bernese Mountain Dog Health Issues : A Comprehensive Guide

Bernese Mountain Dog Health Issues

Like other purebred dog , Bernese Mountain Dog health issues are there. They also have health issues. Here We will discuss about Bernese Mountain dog breed history, health issues, Life span and care tips. So let’s start. 

Bernese Mountain Dog Origin, Appearance and Temperament

Bernese Mountain Dogs, or Berners are the birthplace of the Swiss Alps . 

Their long, silky coats with tricolored hair and their sweet, gentle faces make them easily recognizable. 

These intelligent, devoted puppies were first bred to be farm dogs for cold climates, and they adore spending time with their owners. Berners are energetic dogs that put in a lot of effort and are obedient and willing to please.

Are there any hypoallergenic Bernese Mountain Dogs?

The thick, silky double coat of Bernese Mountain Dogs sheds somewhat throughout the year, with heavier periods occurring around seasonal changes. They don’t have low allergens.

Regular grooming can help control shedding and preserve the health of a Bernese Mountain Dog’s coat. Although weekly brushing and sporadic baths can help keep their coat clean and healthy, they usually don’t need much grooming.

Bernese Mountain Dog Health Issues

Although they are generally a healthy breed, But maybe they susceptible to certain health problems. Here will discuss Bernese Mountain Dog health issues and their treatment with care tips.

Gastric Dilataation-Volvulus (GDV)

Bernese Mountain Dog health issues : A severe kind of bloat in dogs called gastric dilatation-volvulus happens suddenly and calls for quick medical attention to save lives. This is the result of the stomach expanding and exerting more pressure after it is filled with food or gas.

This allows the stomach to rotate, which results in insufficient blood flow to the stomach and spleen. Shock, tissue damage, and even death can happen if treatment is delayed. Higher risk can be observed in:

– Dogs that are older and have a deep chest, such as Bernese Mountain Dogs

– Dogs fed from bowls that are raised

– Dogs who are only fed once a day

In order to stabilize and treat GDV, immediate veterinary intervention is required. A dog’s chance of dying increases with the amount of time it has this illness untreated. Prophylactic gastropexy is a surgical procedure that secures the stomach to stop it from twisting, preventing GDV. This is frequently carried out concurrently with the dog’s spay or neuter procedure.

Canine Hip Displaysia (CHD)

Bernese Mountain Dog health issues : Bernese Mountain Dogs and other larger breeds are more likely to experience hip dysplasia. When the head of the femur bone joins the hip socket incorrectly, it is referred to as hip dysplasia. Breeders who are responsible should screen their breeding stock for disorders other than canine hip displaysia (CHD), as the painful condition is hereditary.

Although CHD cannot be cured or reversed, its progression can be slowed down with a good, healthy diet. Your veterinarian can help you manage your pet’s congestive heart failure and make treatment recommendations.

There are following symptoms :

Reduced involvement , A lopsided or altered gait , Stumbling , Together , grating , Stiffness or a limp , Wasting away in the back legs , Thinning the muscles of the thighs , Weak or drooping rear legs , Leg shaking , particularly when standing for extended periods of time , Shows signs of pain when touched near the hips.

In order to do laboratory testing, your veterinarian will take x-rays of your dog’s elbows and collect a sample of joint fluid. In order to see inside the joint, they might also perform an arthroscopic examination with a device that resembles a tube. Often, surgery is necessary to fix the afflicted joints.

Elbow Dysplasia

Bernese Mountain Dog health issue : An abnormal development of the elbow joint is known as elbow dysplasia. Genetics, unusually fast growth, nutrition, and trauma are the usual factors influencing this. Pain, lameness, and limping are possible symptoms of the illness, which can develop into arthritis. Depending on the severity, elbow dysplasia requires different treatments, but in most cases, surgery is necessary.

Cancer/Histiocytic Sarcoma

Bernese Mountain Dog health issues : The Bernese Mountain Dogs are susceptible to various forms of cancer, with histiocytic sarcoma being the most prevalent type. Three types of histiocytic sarcoma exist:

– A localized tumor, commonly found in the bones, skin, lungs, and joints, is the cause of localized histiocytic sarcoma.

– Multiple locations are affected simultaneously by disseminated histiocytic sarcoma.

– The spleen is the site of hemophagocytic histiocytic sarcoma, which spreads quickly.

Depending on where in the body the tumor is located, dogs may exhibit a variety of symptoms, but most commonly, they will be lethargic, lose weight, and eat less. Treatment options vary depending on the patient and may include radiation, chemotherapy, and/or surgery.

Kidney Disease

Bernese Mountain Dog health issues : A genetic condition known as glomerulonephropathy gradually deteriorates the kidneys of your Bernese Mountain Dog, frequently leading to kidney failure at a young age. We might be able to identify this illness by looking for high protein in his urine since damaged kidneys leak protein

Urine analysis should be done annually because early detection results in a happier pet and a simpler, more economical treatment plan. As part of the treatment plan, we might also suggest a particular diet.

Bernese Mountain Dog care tips

To avoid the Bernese Mountain Dog Health issues there are few tips should be follow : 

– Treat your pet like a toddler and exercise caution. Close doors, clean up after yourself, and divide rooms as needed. This will help her stay out of trouble and away from items that are not meant for ingestion.

– Although Bernese Mountain Dogs typically have healthy teeth, you can maintain their excellent dental health by brushing them at least twice a week!

– Even as a puppy, give them a weekly wash.

– Don’t give your dog human food; instead, stick to a regular diet for her.

– Give them a nutritious diet that is suitable for her age.

– Regular exercise is important for your dog, but start out slowly.

Pet Insurance for Dogs of the Bernese Mountains

Large Dog Breeds Bernese Mountain

Compared to mixed breed dogs, the cost of pet insurance for Bernese Mountain Dogs is higher. This is due to the fact that Bernese Mountain Dogs are marginally more likely than mixed breed dogs to file claims for costly hereditary diseases.

All breed-specific illnesses that Bernese Mountain Dogs are prone to are fully covered by Embrace dog insurance plans, with the exception of preexisting conditions. When your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is still in good health is the ideal time to purchase pet insurance.  Because like other pets we don’t know when Bernese Mountain Dog health issues raise.  Since the future is unpredictable, pet insurance is the one thing you can’t get just when you need it most.


Q1. Are medical problems common among Bernese mountain dogs?
Answer – Hard exercise needs to be restricted during their growing period because they are a large breed that can take a while to mature. A common condition that affects the Bernese is hip or elbow dysplasia, bloat, and cancer. The breed’s average lifespan is seven to nine years.

Q2. What is the Bernese Mountain dog lifespan ?

Bernese Mountain Dog lifespan is 6 to 8 years.


Despite the possibility of health problems, this breed is still a fantastic choice for any family searching for a big, devoted, and occasionally slobbery teddy bear. You can make sure your Bernese Mountain Dog will be living their best life even if they do eventually develop health issues by being vigilant and keeping a line of communication open with your veterinarian!

We hop you enjoy our informative blog post on Bernese Mountain Dog health issues. We hope that will help you to care your dog in better way. So keep support us and keep reading our blog. Plz comment and rate our post also.

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