American Horror Story Nyc 2023

American Horror Story NYC

The eleventh season of American Horror Story, subtitled NYC, takes place in 1980s New York City and focuses on a string of killings involving gay men and the emergence of a new virus. Russell Tovey, Joe Mantello, Billie Lourd, Denis O’Hare, Charlie Carver, Leslie Grossman, Sandra Bernhard, Isaac Powell, Zachary Quinto, and Patti LuPone return from previous seasons, with the exception of newcomers Tovey, Mantello, and Carver.

The series was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for the cable network FX and is produced by 20th Century Fox Television. Ten episodes of NYC were aired between October 19 and November 16, 2022. The title was revealed in September 2022.

Cast of American Horror Story Nyc

• Joe Mantello as Gino Barelli, a reporter for the New York Native and Patrick’s partner 

. Russell Tovey as Patrick Read, a closeted NYPD detective

. Dr. Hannah Wells, played by Billie Lourd, is a scientist and doctor who has discovered a new virus.

. Denis O’Hare as Brownstone Bar regular and mafia hitman Henry Grant 

. Charlie Carver plays Adam Carpenter, a gay man who is disgusted by the police’s indifference. 

. Leslie Grossman as Barbara Read, a distraught woman going through a traumatic divorce process 

. Sandra Bernhard as Fran, a lesbian activist and fortune teller attempting to solve the city’s ongoing problems 

. Isaac Powell plays Theo Graves, a grotesque photographer.

. Zachary Quinto plays Sam, a partygoer who becomes involved in the cases.

. Patti LuPone as cabaret singer, bathhouse owner, and former Broadway star Kathy Pizazz

American Horror Story 12

While Ryan Murphy’s FX and Netflix TV shows have kept him busy, he has continued to produce new seasons of American Horror Story every fall. Season 12 of American Horror Story will thus premiere in the fall of 2023, presumably in August at the earliest or November at the latest.

Following the conclusion of American Horror Story: Hotel, the franchise has a lot to look forward to with season 12. Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story universe has grown significantly in recent years, as he also oversees an episodic anthology spinoff series titled American Horror Stories. 

Even after a decade on the air, American Horror Story continues to tell terrifying stories with a talented cast, with no end in sight. Following the mixed-reception of the Double Feature, American Horror Story season 11 reintroduced serial killer villains in a new setting, with season 12 promising new twists as well.

AHS: NYC is set in the 1980s, when ominous mass murderers and the HIV/AIDS epidemic terrorise the gay community, with the season 11 finale taking a more emotional turn than usual for the series. AHS actors Billie Lourd, Denis O’Hare, Zachary Quinto, and Leslie Grossman return, while Charlie Carver, Joe Mantello, and Russell Tovey join the cast. In preparation for the next creepy instalment, here’s everything we know about American Horror Story season 12, including release date, theme, and cast predictions.

American Horror Story has become an institution after twelve seasons. A sick, depraved, and extremely messed-up institute, but one nonetheless. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine the TV landscape without it, or any of the other Ryan Murphy-fueled nightmares that followed it.

Thankfully, we don’t have to imagine that because FX renewed American Horror Story for three more seasons in January 2020, bringing the series’ total to 13 chapters.

“Ryan and Brad [Fulchuk] are the undisputed masters of horror TV, having created the anthological limited series with American Horror Story and sustaining its success for nearly a decade as highest-rated FX’s series,” F proudly declared by X chairman John Landgraf at the time of the announcement.

What Could the Theme of American Horror Story Season 12 Be?

Sirens from an American horror story Experiments with Aliens
Season 11 of American Horror Story does not provide any direct clues as to what the theme of season 12 will be, but it could be something that aligns with Ryan Murphy’s proposed themes for 2021. Murphy polled fans on social media in April 2021, asking them to vote on their favourite theme, which included Sirens, Plague, Bloody Mary, Aliens, Christmas Horror, and Piggy Man. 

Given that aliens appeared in American Horror Story season 10, Bloody Mary and Christmas Horror had their own episodes, and the Plague theme appeared in American Horror Story season 11, it appears that Sirens and Piggy Man are still on the table.

Because Sirens was a fan favourite, this would be an excellent follow-up to American Horror Story: New York. American Horror Story, on the other hand, could return to previous seasons’ themes for its next instalment, with Murphy already confirming that Coven and Apocalypse’s popular witches would return in a future season (via Entertainment Tonight). 

The theme of American Horror Story season 12 could also be related to the popularity of Ryan Murphy’s 2022 Netflix TV show Dahmer. If this is the case, the next season of American Horror Story could delve deeper into the show’s history with serial killer characters, whether real or fictional.

Why Should American Horror Story Season 12 Use The Black Death Angel Of Death Shachath?

Season 11 of American Horror Story NYC

Ryan Murphy held a Twitter poll in April 2021 to allow fans to vote on the theme for a future season of American Horror Story. After fans demanded a recount, Murphy changed the final two choices to Bloody Mary vs. Sirens, with the latter winning. The Plague, on the other hand, is a fitting theme for future American Horror Story seasons, especially after what AHS did in New York. The Plague has already been used in one episode of the spin-off TV series American Horror Stories (season 2’s “Milkmaids”), but it was all about a village devastated by smallpox.

The theme of the Plague could still be used in American Horror Story by covering the actual Black Death, a bubonic plague pandemic that occurred in Western Eurasia and North Africa from 1346 to 1353. It is estimated that the Plague killed 30% to 60% of Europe’s population, and the cause of the Plague is still unknown. 

The Black Death fits in with the themes of American Horror Story, as do the mysteries and horrors surrounding its origin, spread, and social consequences. Using the Black Death as the show’s Plague rather than the COVID-19 pandemic would be much more interesting because the mysteries surrounding it allow for the addition of supernatural or horror elements, and it isn’t as recent and still current as COVID-19.

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