Unveiling The Secrets : 10 Amazing Animals that don’t drink water

Animals that don't drink water

Hi Readers, are you aware about amazing animals that don’t drink water. Let’s brief about that today. Water, The source of life. We need it, we crave for it. However, a small number of species in the animal world reject this apparently universal need. From insects that live in deserts to rats that burrow, these amazing animals have developed clever ways to get the water they need from their surroundings and food. Today, we explore the habits and survival strategies of these interesting creatures as we look into the world of amazing animals that don’t drink water.

Amazing Animals That Don’t Drink Water

Let’s find out why few animals don’t drink water to survive :

Kangaroo Rat

Animals that don't drink water

This small rat does not require water to survive because he obtains all the moisture he needs from the seeds he eats, but will that be sufficient during his life?
The Almighty God put in The kangaroo rat is an excellent way for rodents to survive in dry deserts because it has unique features that allow it to lower its metabolism and reduce the amount of moisture it loses from its body. It also releases highly concentrated urine that does not lose water through excretion, and it does not pant or sweat.


Animals that don't drink water

Giraffe necked is a name given to gerenuks, which are beautiful, thin animals. Although they are an African antelope species, they don’t seem to be as large as most others. Their huge eyes and ears, along with their relatively small skulls, give them an almost comical appearance.

It is ideally suited to live in an area with few water sources, just like many other savannah and hot climate species. The gerenuk, in contrast to most other animals, has advanced this adaption. One of these animals might go its whole life without ever tasting water.

Their lengthy necks and legs enable them to reach deeper into branches for more coverage, and they use this ability to feed on plants. The gerenuk has plenty of food due to low competition since their populations are concentrated in the driest regions where many other animals cannot live due to a lack of water.

They have evolved nose passageways that actually retain moisture rather than letting it escape during breathing, in an effort to help guarantee they stay hydrated from the outset. They lead extremely lazy lives and have extremely concentrated pee, meaning they don’t waste energy or water until absolutely necessary.

Mountain Gorillas

Animals that don't drink water

With a weight of up to 400 pounds, mountain gorillas are giant mammals. They Hardly consume any water. A minor percentage comes from roots, flowers, fruits, and insects, but despite their size, most of the nutrients they consume come from plants, particularly leaves and stems.

Succulent plants, which can hold up to 50% water, and any morning dew that may have collected on the plants also provide them with the hydration they require. Only recently has there been an increase in the gorillas’ water consumption, which may be related to climate change and rising temperatures in the gorillas’ native habitat, according to those who have studied gorillas for years.

Apes are more susceptible to the impacts of the rising temperatures and run the risk of dehydration if they don’t include real sources of water in their diets. In perfect circumstances, though, a mountain gorilla might never have to search for a pool to relieve its thirst.

Thorny Devil

Animals that don't drink water

This Australian spineless lizard does not consume water either, as its prickly skin allows it to survive by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere on cold nights and in the rain. This dry desert mammal has adapted quite well to its multipurpose spines. It makes it easier for the lizard to survive without water.


Animals that don't drink water

Scientists report that koalas in the wild rarely or never drink water. Their unusual drinking patterns are frequently associated with illnesses or severe heat stress. These cuddly creatures lick the edges of tree trunks or collect water from plant leaves. Furthermore, koalas have an extraordinary ability to concentrate urine, which helps to further reduce water loss.

Australia’s eastern and southeast eucalyptus woodlands are home to koalas. They reside on eucalyptus trees and obtain their food from them. Every day, a koala can eat more than one pound of eucalyptus leaves. A koala’s physique is robust. It also has massive hairy ears on a spherical head. Its fur is white on the chest, ears, underside, and inner arms and greyish brown throughout.

Since koalas have poor vision, they rely primarily on their other senses. Their hearing is quite developed, so they can hear you, other koalas, or predators from a distance. Unlike their male counterparts, female koalas are spotted white on the chest and have a pouch. The rearward-facing pouch protects the koala mother’s young when she climbs or wanders among the trees.

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Australian Water Retaining Frog

Animals that don't drink water

One species that has a special adaption for the dry seasons in Australia is the water-retaining frog. During the rainy season, these frogs drink water. The frog releases a fluid, water-resistant cocoon on its skin during dry spells to keep fluids from evaporating from its body. This frog, meanwhile, comes in The Australian hibernates underground in anticipation of the next rainy season. Its bladder stores enough fluid to sustain it for up to two years.

Desert Tortoise

Animals that don't drink water

The two primary species of desert tortoise are Gopherus agassizii, located in the Mojave Desert in the Southwest United States, and Gopherus morafkai, found in the Sonoran Desert in Northwestern Mexico. Because of their enormous water storage capacity, their tough shells—which are frequently confused for rocks in the desert—are the key to their survival. These animals have a large bladder that can hold water, urea, and wastes based on nitrogen up to two-fifths of their body weight. The desert tortoise excretes waste and consumes extra water to store it during the wet season. A desert tortoise’s life is in danger if you startle it because it can abandon its water reserve and start urinating out of fright. Without water, a tortoise can live for up to a year.

Sand Gazelles

Animals that don't drink water

The sand gazelle, a creature of the Arabian desert, depends on flora for both food and water. Its liver and heart have shrunk in size to deal with the dryness, so it breathes less than other animals. Reduced breathing means reduced evaporation of water through the respiratory system.

In terms of living environment, it would rather avoid rocky and steep terrain. This beautiful creature may not be as common in the wild, but it is still frequently reproducing in captivity, breeding programs, and reserves. Arabian Sand Gazelles graze on short grasses and forbs in their natural habitat. These graceful animals feed and hunt for food, which makes them intermediate feeders.

Fennec Fox

Animals that don't drink water

The majority of the moisture that Saharan fennec foxes consume comes from the plants and insects they consume. They reduce their perspiration, which helps them preserve water.

Freshwater Fish

Animals that don't drink water

freshwater fish don’t consume any water. Even if it seems contradictory, it’s true. That is not to mean that they do not absorb water; in fact, they do so by absorption through their gills and skin. However, a freshwater fish cannot safely drink water in the same manner as people or other animals. A fish cannot drink that freshwater without maybe dying due to the salt of its body fluids. Because of the imbalance of salt in their blood and organs, the fish would have to have their kidneys filter it extremely quickly, or else they would burst.

Rather, they maintain the proper balance of salt in their bodies without compromising their health by filtering water through their gills.


The next time you go for a glass of water, remember to be grateful for this essential resource and the amazing animals that have evolved to live without it. The animal kingdom never stops imparting to humans important knowledge about adaptability, resiliency, and the need of protecting this finite resource.

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Q1. Can snakes drink water?

Answer : Yes, snakes absolutely need water to survive just like any other animal. They just have a unique way of drinking it!

Q2. Which animal drink water by lip?
: Animals that drink water with their lips or mouth are snake, goat and cow.

3. What animal only drinks rainwater?
Jacobin Cuckoo, the bird that only drinks rainwater. This bird, often called the Chatak or pied crested cuckoo, only drinks raindrops when it pours. The bird does not drink any other type of water, not even the gathered rainfall, regardless of how thirsty it may be.

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